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What happens if you paint over the mold?

Mold Cleanup & Remediation

Painting over mold is one of the most usual methods for hiding mold. However, that is the issue, the mold is being hidden temporarily.

A lot of people opt for this situation as it is the instant solution for hiding ugly signs of mold on their walls. Usually, when people go for painting over mold it is due to ignorance.

They are just not educated about the severity of mold in the house. Painting over the mold will only be successful permanently in case you first fix the mold problem’s source.

Along with this, you should purchase the mold killing paint instead of the resistant variety since this is the only method to deal with the existent mold.

  • The mold inhibitor paint assists you in preventing mold’s future development, however, it is not the most suitable option for eliminating mold.
  • In case you have decided to paint over the mold or you are suspecting that the walls potentially have mold under paint, there is a high probability of you seeing visible signs in the affected areas.
  • Your wall’s might or might not get affected entirely, however, even the smallest amount of mold can cause a serious issue.
  • The paint would be cracked, chipped, or bubbled and light or white-colored paint will turn yellow or the yellow tinge (a symbol of water damage).
  • In case you have immense mold growth in your commercial or residential property, it should be proactively eliminated with the help of suitable mold remediation, as well as you are required to search for the water source which is the major reason behind the mold.
  • Painting over mold is not only ineffective but by doing this, you could also be creating more expensive and serious problems for yourself down the road.

One of the most important things that many people forget is that mold is the actual microorganism that grows on the walls as well as other surfaces and that is why it can eat through the painted surfaces without any hassle.

You should remove the mold before painting. Feel free to take the help of paint stores and local hardware which sell mold-resistant or mold killing paint.

In case you do the research, you will realize that often, these claims are not true. In case you do not remove the mold before painting, it will keep growing as well as will eat through paint.

Also, make sure to first identify the type of mold you deal with and then start the remediation process as soon as possible.

In case the water leak’s source has not been found, the mold issue can be provoked. As the paint is only the covering for the wall, the mold will gradually show through.

It will grow into the paint and soon be displayed once more on the surface.

If you continue to paint over the same, the spore will still be released into the air as well as spread through the house.

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