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Water Damage Restoration & Cleanup Services in Chicago, Illinois

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For minimizing the destruction of water, our company offers you an immediate effective response. ServiceMaster Restore-QRS starts the Water Damage Restoration procedure without wasting any time, thereby saving not only your property but also its contents from the irreversible damage. 

Water Damage Restoration & Cleanup Services

Professional Water Damage Restoration cleanup

When water takes your business or home, ServiceMaster Restore-QRS offers expert water damage services at an affordable price. 

The water damage restoration methods provided by our company include – 

  • Measure record damage and moisture
  • Recover assets and remove the standing water
  • Conservation of electrical appliances, machinery, furniture and equipment, documents and files
  • Harmless leak detection
  • Disinfection by terminating mold and micro-organisms

The technicians at our company are trained for seeking out the hidden water damage. Water can be captured or flow in seemingly unlikely places. If it goes undetected, this can instantly turn into grave future issues. 

As a reliable company, our knowledge of water disaster restoration permits us to make the most useful choices for the clients. 

Our Water Damage Cleaning Process

  • Initial inspection
  • Water extraction
  • Remove all affected materials
  • Sanitize and disinfect affected areas
  • Apply drying equipment
  • Haul away any affected materials
  • Final inspection

Water Damage Concerns

While dealing with the problem of water damage, instant action is vital. ServiceMaster Restore-QRS has experts who respond quickly and utilize advanced techniques and equipment for immediately removing the water. They closely inspect as well as document the drying procedure for verifying your property is thoroughly and properly dried. 

When deciding what it will take for drying your property, our company uses the mathematical formula that is based on several distinct variables such as – 

  • Affected Cubic Footage
  • Affected Square Footage
  • Are materials damp or saturated?
  • What is wet?

Our company believes in providing the clients with round-the-clock instant response to sewage, water, and flood damage cleanup. One of the major reasons why people love to choose our services is because we always focus on saving both your time and money.

Water Damage Insurance Claims

ServiceMaster Restore-QRS is approved by all the insurance companies which means that you can stay assured of getting the work handled promptly and ethically. Needless to say, water damage is covered by most of the homeowner’s insurance policies. Regarding the same, our well-trained staff works with all the established insurance companies for ensuring a seamless transaction. 

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