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Just opposite to your feelings and views, the cleanest houses are as vulnerable as unclean houses, in many situations the problem is hidden and this can compromise your health condition. Mold affected houses presents a challenge because it frequently goes unnoticed until your family starts to feel its effects. Even then, you may mistake coughing and irritated eyes as responses to regular seasonal changes.


The black stuff that develops in sodden spaces can be Stachybotrys chartarum, and it’s a sort of mold that can rapidly increase anyplace in your home. In case you’re dealing with dark mold form (to test for its less hazardous cousin mildew, essentially dab a few drops of household bleach on the darkened area. On the off chance it gets lighten in a minute or two, you have mildew), you need to get into action quick!

how to protect your home from mold

Why? Its airborne spores transmit mycotoxins through touch, and the minuscule life forms can be breathed in and ingested. Their capacity to quickly change can unleash havoc on weaken immune system and influence individuals who experience the ill effects of sensitivities.

Children and grown-up adults are particularly helpless to black mold mycotoxins. If the micro-organisms are inhaled, they can enter the nervous system through olfactory neurons while airborne contaminants that interact with the eye can reach the brain through the optic nerve.

That sounds scary, right? With all things considered, yes, it is.


Unfortunately, serious medical issues brought up by mold are restricted, and this mostly mimics an annoying cold or seasonal flu. However, the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) refers to a study that builds up a clear connection between exposure to mold and numerous health issues.

You’re probably acquainted with basic symptoms that are like allergy reactions, yet mold can be responsible for a lot more extensive range of medical problems.


Individuals who experience the ill effects of asthma are frequently affected. Studies show that they deal with an increase in the number of episodes, and the seriousness of their attacks is escalated.


Kids who are exposed to mold at an early age are bound to develop asthma. If they’re hereditarily vulnerable to the condition, their risk increments significantly.


Aspergillosis is a disease caused by exposure to Aspergillus, a typical mold that lives inside and outside. People with a weak immune system and constant lung ailments are particularly in danger.


Individuals who are susceptible to hypersensitivity pneumonitis can create genuine health issues because of the presence of mold in their homes. Specialists demonstrate that even a few hours of exposure can prompt this infection.


In rare events, mold exposure has been connected to mental disability, internal organ harm, and even death. A portion of these catastrophes have resulted in significant lawsuits throughout the years.


At the point when health problems become more terrible or just happen at home, you have reason to be stressed over the development of mold. Call your physician right way, and let him know about your concerns.

Since the issue is generally hidden, consider reaching an expert cleaning and restoration service that handles certified mold testing in homes.

Your home regularly builds up its unhealthy manifestations, so become familiar with the signs that mold is setting up itself out of the sight – inside walls and crawl spaces. Now and then, you can handle the black stuff with DIY procedures, however, these techniques work best on little regions that are easy to access and clean.

Most issues are easier to manage when you have as much info as possible. It’s our objective to assist you with taking great care of your property, however, we understand that a few jobs are simply too big.


On the off chance, if the circumstance is beyond what your home defense strategies can deal with, it’s time to secure your family’s health by calling our team.

ServiceMaster-QRS gives certified mold assessments, remediation, and expulsion for Chicago residential properties, so call us or use our convenient online form.

We realize how much you care about your family’s health, and we’re round the clock here to address your concerns.

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Your sweaters come out of the drawers, blankets from your storage, and some musty odor come out your furnace. These all are the stuff you feel and do in your autumn season schedule. At some point in your starting winter days, when you fire up your home’s heater and you smell some odd odor from the furnace, this is the first and most important sign that points to fall furnace repair or clean up.

Do you know what you have to do to prepare the furnace for another Chicago winter?

Your home’s warming gear needs additional consideration each fall, however, you ought to consistently back up your DIY endeavors with HVAC cleaning services. How about we learn what you can do, what experts do, and the advantages of getting the furnace fit as a fiddle before the chilly climate sets in.

Professional Disaster Home Recovery Services


You can do a ton to deal with your home’s heating framework, yet electric, oil and gas furnace upkeep ought to consistently incorporate an inspection by HVAC experts. Let them accomplish the mechanical work while you prep for winter with this furnace maintenance checklist.

  • Trade out old, messy channels with quality substitutions.
  • Make sure in-take air vents aren’t hindered by furniture.
  • Move anything stored close to the radiator to another place.
  • Check for drafts that could blow out the pilot light.


An expert cleaning group that spends significant time in fall heater maintenance handles a wide range of residential heating frameworks. The work is performed by industry confirmed experts who clean these framework’s critical components with exceptional hardware and products:

  • Heat exchangers
  • Coils and trickle dish
  • Fan motors and lodgings
  • Air vents and registers
  • Supply and return air channels.

Proficient air duct cleaning is essential because the system that runs above roofs and inside walls gathers dust all year. From creepy-crawly debris and rat droppings to cobwebs and gathered residue, the development compromises indoor air quality and represents a hazard to your health.


When you turn on a newly cleaned heating system, there’s one thing you don’t feel: that upsetting, stale smell drifting through the house. Not all the advantages of a clean heater are very as self-evident, yet they add on to a more secure, warmer, and healthier winter for you and the family.

  1. Cleaning House Is Easier – Freshly cleaned channels and vents don’t blow fine dust and detritus through each room where it coats furniture and sinks into texture and floor coverings.
  2. Warming Bills Stay Down – Clean hardware improves performance by utilizing less fuel and holding down your warming expenses through the coldest months.
  3. Gear Doesn’t Fail as Often – All those moving heater parts perform altogether with less wear and tear, so you can anticipate less repair bills.
  4. Your Furnace Lasts Longer – Less hardware breakdown implies expanded mechanical life for your heater, and documented cleaning is required by numerous manufacturers’ warranties.
  5. Everything Operates Quietly – Clean ventilation work remains structurally solid lessening the opportunity of clasps and tears that cause uproarious bangs and rumbles in the framework.
  6. Ventilation Gets Sanitized – Professional air channel cleaning substantially improves indoor air quality by taking out the undesirable trash deserted by insects and rodents.
  7. The House Stays Warmer – Efficient execution equally disseminates warm air all through your home, so you don’t need to endure crisp spots or cold rooms.
  8. Temperatures Stay Under Control – A freshly cleaned ventilation work system and blower motor help control temperature changes, and that shields the family from playing indoor thermostat roulette.
  9. A Clean Furnace Is Safer – Professional cleaning deals with residue and flotsam and jetsam development that can turn into a fire risk or cause equipment failure that can bring about carbon monoxide poisoning.
  10. You Just Breathe Better – Clean air duct and furnace hardware doesn’t contaminate your home with airborne allergens and particulates that can ruin your health condition.


Regardless of whether you heat your home with power, gas or oil, keep the framework fit as a fiddle with a decent DIY checklist and an assessment by a furnace maintenance organization. Staying warm should always mean staying safe too.

We welcome you to share your proposals and thoughts about home furnace care through our comments section. On the off chance that you’d like more information about our HVAC cleaning services for Chicago and suburbia, call us here at ServiceMaster QRS. We anticipate helping you stay warm and safe.

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COVID-19 Disinfection

The most recent reports on COVID-19 in Chicago keep on raising the serious concerns associated with it. We all need to do our part to keep everybody safe and solid. Potential transmission of coronavirus must be addressed in busy workplaces across the city and rural areas.

Our objective here at ServiceMaster -QRS is to share the expertise in alleviating pathogen-based outbreaks. Managing COVID-19 at work requires embracing and adhering to stricter schedules for nattiness on each level.

We want to assist you with improved precaution protocols that can protect working representatives and clients from this ongoing health risk.


According to the data from the CDC, we know this world-wide spread coronavirus is a new pathogen. As national health specialists build up a better comprehension of this COVID-19 as respiratory illness, we all become better equipped to deal with this pandemic. 

We realize that it’s transmitted through wheezing, coughing, and personal contact. It’s likewise accepted that COVID-19 is spread by contacting contaminated surfaces. These kinds of transmission are particularly concerning in commercial buildings and business offices across Chicago.


Washing hands for partly 20 seconds with hand wash or soap can help allay the spread of COVID-19 at work. 

As per the most recent CDC rules, we certainly suggest executing the following 6-point activity plan for preventing transmission and contamination in your work environment.


Ensure all workers understand the significance of regular hand washing utilizing soap/hand wash and water for a span of least 20 seconds. In the event that is conceivable, set up no-contact access to soap dispensers, spigots, and paper towels. 


Urge working representatives to cover noses and mouths with tissues when wheezing or coughing. On the off chance that tissues aren’t available, employees should use shoulders or elbows to cover faces. Provide sufficient tissue supplies throughout the workplace along with no-touch trash cans. 


Routinely sanitize high-touch points and surfaces, particularly in commonly accessible locations. For instance, clean and sanitize stair rails, elevator input buttons, door handles, and light switches. Apply this same cleanliness regime to individual workplaces and work areas between shifts. 


Give clear instructions to employees with COVID-19 symptoms to remain at home. They should follow this strategy until they no longer have a fever and 24 hours have gone without extra side effects, for example, coughing or shortness of breath. 


In any circumstances, if work representatives have to travel for business, update them as often as possible on the most recent CDC travel warnings. Whenever the situation allows, maintain a strategic distance from traveling by arranging the web conferences or setting up group video calls. 


All employees should immediately notify administrators if a family member shows any symptoms of COVID-19.  Additionally, share this condition with all the staff working in your work environment. Develop a plan in advance that accommodates remote working from home.



Indeed, even before this emergency, we uniformly updated our protocols for taking care of pathogen and biohazard cleanup. Our thorough technique sticks to the absolute guidelines set by the CDC, FDA, EPA, and OSHA. 

Corona Virus Decontamination

We’re perfectly trained and equipped to manage Chicago’s COVID-19 episode in these offices and facilities.

  • Business building and retail facilities 
  • Foodservice and social centers 
  • Industrial facilities and manufacturing destinations 
  • Childcare institutions, schools and colleges 
  • Small and Large residential living premises 
  • Clinics, research and healthcare facilities

It’s our sincere expectation that it won’t be necessary, yet if required we are completely prepared and equipped to serve you. Should any pathogen episode happen at your business, on your grounds, or inside your office, please contact us. We are just a call away.

You can generally rely upon us here at ServiceMaster QRS: 773-388-9200 

Disclaimer: The content above isn’t expected to fill in for proficient medical advice, analysis, or treatment, and doesn’t establish any medical or other professional recommendation.

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