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how to protect your home from mold

The growth of mold can take place anywhere, on clothing, carpet, paper, food, and even in those places where you can’t see, like the drywall’s backside, areas inside the walls around condensing or leaking pipes, as well as above the ceiling tiles. Not only is this problem expensive and difficult to fix, but it can also generate irritants and allergens (as well as, toxins, rarely) that might compromise your wellness. For preventing mold, remove moisture and make your house unwelcoming to its growth. Also, check for those areas in the house where there might be high water damage or humidity, like the crawl space or a damped basement.

What are the tools to clean Mildew and Mold?

Here is the list of tools to be used for cleaning Mold and Mildew –

• Brushes and Buckets

• Rubber or Latex gloves

• Sponges or Mop

• Hepa Vacuum along with brush attachment

• Disinfectant chlorine bleach

• Non-Ammonia detergent, soap, or the commercial mildew and mold cleaner

• Furniture polish

How to reduce the mold-friendly conditions?

1. Clean as well as dry the wet areas within 48 hours.

2. Check the pipes in your roof for any leaks and fix them as soon as possible.

3. Daily check your kitchen sink, fridge ice makers as well as other water sources for leaks.

4. Use air conditioners or dehumidifiers to restraint humidity in your house.

How to prevent Mildew and Mold in your bathroom?

Here are some tips for preventing mildew and mold in the bathroom-

• Minimize the containers left in the shower for better circulation and ease in cleaning.

• Hang the towels out after use so that they can dry instantly.

• Use shower curtains that clean and dry easily so that you can avoid soap residue that fosters mold.

• Wipe down your shower with a clean squeegee or towel after the last daily use.

Why is it necessary for improving airflow in your house to eliminate mold and how can you do that?

As the temperatures drop, the air becomes capable of holding less moisture. Without having good airflow in the house, that extra moisture might appear on the walls, floors, and windows. For increasing circulation, move furniture away from the walls, open the doors between rooms, as well as open the doors to your closets which might be colder as compared to those rooms they are in.

Needless to say, mold can damage your possessions as well as the home and that is why you must learn how to protect your house against this issue. When mold attacks the house, it can turn out to be an irksome housemate.

However, mold is a lot more than only an insignificant irritation and its presence can cause problems ranging from minor damage to your property to serious health problems. Follow the right steps to look for mildew and mold, avoid these conditions which might lead to a disaster.


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