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Hardwood Floor Cleaning in Chicago, Illinois

Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaning Services

Needless to say, hardwood flooring does an excellent job of adding charm and elegance to your house. Though over time, it accumulates spots and scuffs, becoming dirty. The Hardwood floor cleaning and care experts at ServiceMaster Restore-QRS are known for bringing a lot of hardwood floors back to life.

Our Cleaning Process

  • The technician will completely inspect the floors as well as scan for concerned areas that will need more attention
  • Surface area to be cleaned is measured (in case not offered in the beginning)
  • Moving-up of vital items before the starting of the cleaning process
  • Cleaning the floors with top-quality cleaning solutions of our company

  • Buff whole surface area for the uniform appearance
  • Application of 1 or 2 coats of the wax
  • The final inspection is done for ensuring that the floor has been cleaned thoroughly

Enhance the shine of your Hardwood Floor

In case you are pondering over the question of “Do you need experts for floor cleaning?” then the answer is yes, you do. The technicians at our company utilize special cleaners and equipment particularly designed for wood. We use an effective cleaning procedure that includes the cleaning equipment which is not found in the retail stores.

While mopping and sweeping can keep the hardwood floor look clean on the surface, our professional services are far better than the traditional home cleaning ways.

Reasons to choose us

  1. Our high-speed, gentle scrubber, as well as a pH-balanced cleaning solution, is successful in reaching contaminants and tough dirt. While the squeegees trap dirt, the strong vacuum does a wonderful job of extracting it.
  2. Our skilled technicians perform the brief hand-cleaning for those areas which are hard to reach on the hardwood floors.
  3. Along with leaving the hardwood floor cleaner, we also remove more than 90% of the common household allergens, on average.

Benefits of our Hardwood Floor Cleaning

The benefits of our proprietary approach to floor care include:

  • Superior clean and shine
  • Reduced wear
  • No burn marks
  • Faster, more efficient regular cleanings
  • Dust-free renewal
  • Enhanced slip resistance
  • Fewer strippings required

Call the Cleaning Experts Today

If you want to get the free quote, you can always reach out to the ServiceMaster Restore-QRS team for all the hardwood floor cleaning requirements.

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