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Looking over the fire and water damage, you’re no doubt feeling overwhelmed by the countless things that needs to be done, but there is no need to stress. ServiceMaster Restore is at your service.

We Can Bring Your Property Back To Life after Fire and Water Damage Before You Re-Enter

Fire and water damage can cause ample structural damage to your home and leave it vulnerable and risky. Not only is fire residue and excess smoke destructive for the house, but they also present substantial health risks, especially respiratory distress. Dust, soot, and ashes after a house fire can be extremely lethal. On the other hand, substantial water damage can lead to mold, fungus, and mildew problems that can entail a fortune to be spent on mold remediation to eradicate the issue.

Damage restoration is a process that must be instigated straightaway to save your house, health, and wealth. Rescue what can be rescued to avoid any further costs because the more time you leave your house defenseless, the more it’s going to lose. If your house has suffered any fire or water damage, it’s time to call a restoration team and get your home back in shape.

Fire Damage Restoration

Whether it’s a minor kitchen fire or a devastating blaze, a fire of any degree can call for a big cleanup. Speedy action is required before there’s any further loss to your house, work building, or your personal possessions. It’s essential to clean everything thoroughly, capture all small parts of remains, and debris with vacuum use. Professional damage restorers use specialized equipment to remove the fire odor, debris and make your building structurally stable again, and they further minimize the permanent smoke damage, remove any remaining ash or soot, and ventilate all the rooms to make your home safe to live in again.

Water Damage Restoration

With fire, water is complimentary. A fire of any magnitude requires a substantial amount of water to control the flames, which eventually calls for both water and fire damage restoration. Whether it’s a basement flooding, downed trees, or any other water-related damage, there’s a necessary need for water damage restoration services to prevent further damage, such as the expense and stress of mold remediation and deteriorating wood, carpet, and drywall. Whether it’s your furniture, rugs, or other possessions, the professionals can take care of it all and provide maximum recovery.

The aftermath can be devastating and disruptive, but we can help you get everything restored to normal, quickly, and professionally no matter what the disaster brings. When fire or water complications strike, contact ServiceMaster Restore– Chicago’s best in water and fire disaster restoration, recovery, and cleanup services! Getting your home or business back up and running is our priority. Call this number now to get our low-low price! 773-388-9200 or visit our website https://servicemaster-qrs.com/.

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It’s an awkward situation where you find your carpets soaked, walls wet and for help you hurry to contact a water damage restoration expert agency. While taking a look at the damage done and in the process of initiating water damage repair most of the Chicago property owners ask themselves the same question.

How could I miss the warnings of a busted water pipe? Were there any obvious signs that I simply didn’t notice?


Not all busted water pipes flood the house very quickly. Sometimes, a break results in a slow leak, and that, in the end, causes major water damage to your property and belongings. This sort of plumbing issue isn’t constantly emotional, but it can turn out to be an intense problem. Be on the alert and note these seven symptoms of a slowly leaking burst pipe.

Frozen Burst Pipes Damage

  1. Water Pressure Goes Up And Down:

In a situation when you notice that water pressure begins to fluctuate don’t assume this to be the city’s fault. They might be unnoticeable busted pipe somewhere in the home. Pressure changes are hard for your home’s pipes framework, and they can harm your pipe fittings.

  1. The Water Doesn’t Look Right:

After a time, a latent burst pipe starts to rust. Even the damaged PVC and PEX throws out tiny rust particles that give water an earthy tint. Additionally, the unhealthy biofilm sets up a breeding ground for bacteria.

  1. Water Smells Like Rotten Eggs:

This busted pipe symptom is a consistent cause for concern. Even the faint odor of rotten egg is the major sign of sewage leakage. In some cases, you will smell hydrogen sulfide which is naturally occurring gas that forms in sewer pipelines. We recommend never to attempt to take care of this sort of plumbing issue by yourself. We here strongly suggest to call experts who can deal with this situation.

  1. Consistent Forming Of Puddles Under Sinks:

You’ve done everything you can to stop leaks in pipes under a sink, yet puddles keep returning? Cautiously inspect the wall just above the cover plates, and search for sodden spots. Burst pipe water leaking through these regions can gather and give off an impression of dripping from uncovered pipelines.

  1. You Can Hear The Water Running:

If it isn’t running someplace in your house, you shouldn’t hear the water. On the off chance of that you notice hissing and gurgling sounds inside the walls, and this is because water reacting to fluctuating pressure in leaky pipes. The sounds tend to be stronger in pipes with small diameters.

  1. Pipes Making Noises:

A busted pipe influences the water pressure throughout the entire house, and that generates movement in the pipeline framework. Pipes Start to rub and bang at the pressure point, and that causes grinding and clanging sounds behind the walls. The friction in the long run can cause more breakage.

  1. The Water Bill Is Too High:

Small drips from faucets can squander over 100 gallons of water a year. In the event that you increase that misfortune by slow leakage from a busted pipe, you begin to see disturbing spikes in the month to month water bill.


Before you pinpoint the problem and begin cleaning up the water leak, you have to make sure that you stop the stream. Finding the burst pipe can be challenging so start by killing the water supply at its main shutoff valve. Drain water and pressure from the water pipe framework by opening up all the faucets.

In most cases it recommended to appoint the restoration contractor immediately. In severe scenarios you need professionals who handle plumbing repairs, water damage clean-up, and offers mold remediation services. If you are knowledgeable about the repair process or comfortable with DIY plumbing projects, find and fix the breaks. These tips can help.

  • Whether you’re dealing with frozen burst pipes or a summertime break, make sure you turn off your home’s power at the breaker box before starting any busted pipe restorations.
  • You need to defrost frozen channels before you begin, be cautious while doing it. Play it safe to protect yourself and your property.
  • If the busted pipes are behind a kitchen wall, you make sure all adjacent cabinets and drawers are completely dried out, post repairs and clean up.
  • Document water damage to property and belongings by taking pictures. This soothes out the process when you’re ready to file your property insurance claim.


Once you are in a situation and you know what to look for, it is quite simple to find a burst pipe leak before it causes severe damage. Knowing how to deal with this pipe issue can keep the bad situation from getting worse.

Sometimes, fixing a burst pipe break can turn into a major DIY headache. We’re here for you with a full line of water damage and home restoration services, and we answer our telephones 24/7. At any point when you feel the need emergency water leakage repair in Chicago or suburbia, simply call us here at ServiceMaster-QRS.

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ServiceMaster QRS Flood Restoration Experts



The process of water damage restoration is thoroughly regulated to make sure that properties destroyed by sewer or flood events can be efficiently restored to the safe space for the building occupant as well as that workers stay protected during cleanup. Water damage that is caused by flooding can turn out to be catastrophic for the homeowner. The reason behind flooding might be burst pipes, heavy rains, sewer back-up, and malfunctioning of the household appliances etc.

It could be a confusing time for deciding what to do next about paying for the price of repair and cleanup. Irrespective of the water damage’s cause, it is vital to feel that you are in control as well as have an idea of what is to be done if the unexpected happens.

Below-mentioned are some steps that the homeowners usually forget after a water damage – 

  • Wear protective clothing – Such as a pair of gloves and rubber boots before re-entering the house.
  • Switch off the power – Needless to say, electricity and water don’t mix. However, in case turning off the power needs you to stand in or enter wet areas, it would be sensible of you to leave it alone as well as calling an electrician.
  • Safeguard precious items – Lift the wooden furniture off the carpeted areas which are flooded as well as put the tin foil beneath the furniture’s feet for avoiding carpet staining.
  • Avoid getting sick by making sure to completely washing glasses, flatware, and dinnerware which could have been caught in the home flood before you utilize the same again.

Dry out the House

Even in case you successfully remove all of the standing water from the house, everything might remain wet and damp, specifically, in case, there is high humidity in the area. In case you have the power, utilize the central air conditioning for assisting in eliminating humidity, as well as keeping the system fan on, not auto but, “on” position.

Call your Insurance Provider

Your house insurance might help in covering destruction caused by the water damage, as per the policies you have.

Decide what to keep and what not to keep

Look for what can be fixed as well as throw away those items which are no longer secure to use or are too damaged.


You might need to replace the flooring, fix the broken items, and repair the walls and if you do not have enough time to do all this, ensure the fact that you reach out to a reliable water damage restoration expert.

Expert water damage restoration contractors and companies have the capabilities and training for being able to effectively, economically, and safely undertake the repairing process of water damage. In case you are doubtful of what would be the first steps for the home repairs, it is suggested to go for a reputed water damage restoration company that has expertise and experience in water damage repairs.

Water Damage Restoration

Water cleanup which includes soaked carpet, drywall, and pad can usually be restored as well as won’t require replacement. It results in the lower associated prices for the loss, and it permits the occupants for returning to their normal life with far less interruption and much faster.

After a flood, it is imperative for drying water-damaged contents and properties as rapidly as possible. Gone are those days when the contractors for water damage restoration had few alternatives available to them while performing their job. Today, the “science of drying” has been better significantly. With the help of modern equipment, one can restore the water damaged contents and properties with minimum intrusion.

How LGR dehumidifiers help in the Water Damage drying process?

Utilizing LGR dehumidifiers, the technician can decrease relative humidity to as minimal as 10%. These tools hold the ability to remove a maximum of 16 gallons of water from the air every day. The older dehumidifiers were capable of reducing the humidity to just 40%, eliminating about 5 gallons of water regularly. This disparity displays a huge improvement in efficacy, which results in quicker drying times i.e., 24-48 hours as compared to 4 days or more than that with the older equipment.

Why is it recommended to use advanced drying tools for the prevention of mold?

Thanks to instant drying, mold as well as other fungi has a lot less time for development. This aids in reducing possible health issues, like allergic reactions and respiratory discomfort, which can be caused by fungal contamination. Along with this, mold can also weaken the structural materials, like wood framing and drywall, to a point where they should be replaced. Utilizing advanced dehumidification systems eliminates moisture and thereby assists prevent mold growth. With a bit of or no moisture present, mildew and mold either don’t start or die very rapidly.

Why you should get the help of professionals rather than doing the same on your own for Water Damage?

One of the major mistakes made by homeowners are attempting to manage water damage on their own. Now, the problem is that they do not have the appropriate tools to take out all moisture from inside their homes or commercial space. Even when they believe that they have removed it all, a lot of it remains in those places where they can’t see, such as inside walls or under carpets. Hiring experts help in preventing this from happening. The problem of water damage is an ever-increasing issue for those people who reside in the flood plain areas. Thanks to the Internet, plenty of online water damage repair firms provide advanced drying methods that return houses and businesses to normal in just a matter of time.

What are some of the latest drying technologies for Water Damage?

The latest drying technologies include – 1. Desiccants 2. LGR Dehumidifiers 3. Rescue Mat Systems 4. Intra-wall Drying

Other advantages of instantly removing moisture include prevention of the irreversible swelling in the porous materials like wood and paper, shrinkage in fabrics (like drapes and upholstery), damage to the electronic equipment and rust on the metals.

Frozen Burst Pipes Damage

How To Keep Pipes From Freezing


Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you experience water leakages from pipes in your house? What might have been the cause and how did you deal with it? This is among the few problems most residential people encounter in their homes. It is a cause from the bursting of frozen pipes. This is a problem especially during the winter season in Chicago.

During the winter season, water pipes in vacant houses tend to clog the plumbing system. These, in turn, cause bursting of the system that result in spillage. To rectify such damages, it creates loose in cost and time. You will also need knowledge about water damage restoration, emergency flood cleanup, water removal services, and sewage cleanup. Such information you can always get from expert plumbers. The average cost of pipe repair would not be below $2, 500. This article will give you tips on how to prevent pipes from freezing in vacant houses.

1. Set Your Thermostat accordingly

It is essential that you set your thermostats to at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit. These will prevent water from freezing. Having that this is just a general recommendation, there still is a need to adjust the temperatures with time as per the change in seasonal weather. When the temperature goes too low, raise the temperature thermostat to at least 55 degrees Fahrenheit. It is advisable to consult an expert in plumbing to help you with this if required.

2. Increase Insulations around Pipes

Attics and basements of pipes commonly come with insulations around them. You need to pay special attention to these areas and if possible increase the insulation where required. You can use a unique form of a sleeve made from fiberglass or foam rubber. These two work best for insulating your pipes.

3. Prevent Draft around Pipes

It is good to always check for any draft especially in the attic and basements. If you feel any, immediately seal it since it lets in air that condenses your pipes. Also, note that cracks in houses let air in the house that exposes your pipes to cold hence causing freezing. Keep your pipes warm always.

4. Keep Doors inside House Open

Keeping doors open inside the house causes free air movement. When interior doors are kept open hot or cold air dissolve leading into a homogenous air condition. Also if you have pipes inside cabinets, it is good to keep them open as well. All these ensure a harmonized air condition in the rooms hence no freezing can easily erupt.

5. Drain pipes

You need to turn off water from the meter area. By doing these help avoid chances of leakages in flowing water. It is also crucial to drain off water in all pipes and let them stay dry. Dry pipes will not experience freezing due to the lack of water expansion.

6. Install Alarm and CCTV Cameras

Responding to an emergency case requires something that will quickly notify you when it happens. In this case, it is good to install an alarm in your house. An alert will inform you of any spillage from burst pipes. Also, a CCTV camera will help you in monitoring. You will on a daily basis take a look on CCTV footage about the condition in your house and act accordingly. Further, if you are not available, it is good to have a trustful person to make a quick checkup in all the rooms and report the feedback to you. These can be done once or twice in a week.

7. Keep garage Doors Closed when not in use

Sometimes the garage door seems to be an extension of the living space, but it’s an outdoor space that can let in extreme cold if not monitored. Keep your garage doors closed when not in use, and you can even buy a device called a TTC, it’s time to close, which will automatically close your garage door if left open for the pre-set amount of time. Any person, experiencing and paying the cost to repair burst pipes and clean the house, realizes that it’s very annoying and inconvenient. It is therefore vital to prevent such expenses through proper home and water pipe management.

ServiceMaster QRS Flood Restoration

When it comes to naturally occurring disasters, floods take the top spot for causing the most damage, and they can be expected in areas near large bodies of water. However, even when they are supposed to come, and specific measures have been taken against them, it can still be one of the greatest tragedy humans have to face in their lives when they arrive. Not only do they destroy the homes and streets and affect the livelihoods of millions of people, but they also leave emotional trauma in their wake. They can be very devastating and leave lasting affects in a person’s life such as an immense fear of water and more.

However, even though they are so terrifying, floods can be recovered from with some effort. Emotionally, it takes time to get over the damage caused by the event, but you can take care of the practical aspect sooner. Even if healing the trauma immediately is out of your hands, handling the other part is a matter that you can quickly solve. If you’re a flood victim and have survived a terrible flood, you may be confused about the next step to take after this life-changing experience. You might be wondering whether you should contact a general contractor or a water damage specialist to help you and what decision you need to take. However, this is a common problem among flood victims and can easily be resolved. Have no worries as we’re here to help:

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ServiceMaster QRS Restore Water Damage

Climate change is upon us and as our generation gets older, the effects of climate change are only going to get worse. Abnormalities in weather patterns and a global average increase in temperature is resulting in freak storms and catastrophic natural disasters.

For any developing or developed country, it is necessary that the city’s infrastructure be built to withstand weather abnormalities. A lot to do with a city or country’s infrastructure stems from thinking about future growth and development. Infrastructure development is largely the responsibility of the government but measures at an individual level are also extremely vital to protect against unforeseen water damage. Civilians need to be educated on the effects and impact of global climate change and what measures can be taken on an individual level to try and reduce damage caused by water in residential areas.

We live in a world where technology has developed to a degree where it has allowed us to predict and anticipate weather abnormalities. This has given humans an opportunity to better plan and prepare for such weather outbreaks. However, not all water damage results from freak storms or natural disasters. Often, water damage can result from trivial leaks in the piping system of your house and if left unchecked it has the capability of inflicting serious damage to the property. Water is one of the most destructive natural forces on our planet whether it be in an indoor or outdoor environment. The erosion properties of water can gradually level mountains let alone a house.

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