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Looking over the fire and water damage, you’re no doubt feeling overwhelmed by the countless things that needs to be done, but there is no need to stress. ServiceMaster Restore is at your service.

We Can Bring Your Property Back To Life after Fire and Water Damage Before You Re-Enter

Fire and water damage can cause ample structural damage to your home and leave it vulnerable and risky. Not only is fire residue and excess smoke destructive for the house, but they also present substantial health risks, especially respiratory distress. Dust, soot, and ashes after a house fire can be extremely lethal. On the other hand, substantial water damage can lead to mold, fungus, and mildew problems that can entail a fortune to be spent on mold remediation to eradicate the issue.

Damage restoration is a process that must be instigated straightaway to save your house, health, and wealth. Rescue what can be rescued to avoid any further costs because the more time you leave your house defenseless, the more it’s going to lose. If your house has suffered any fire or water damage, it’s time to call a restoration team and get your home back in shape.

Fire Damage Restoration

Whether it’s a minor kitchen fire or a devastating blaze, a fire of any degree can call for a big cleanup. Speedy action is required before there’s any further loss to your house, work building, or your personal possessions. It’s essential to clean everything thoroughly, capture all small parts of remains, and debris with vacuum use. Professional damage restorers use specialized equipment to remove the fire odor, debris and make your building structurally stable again, and they further minimize the permanent smoke damage, remove any remaining ash or soot, and ventilate all the rooms to make your home safe to live in again.

Water Damage Restoration

With fire, water is complimentary. A fire of any magnitude requires a substantial amount of water to control the flames, which eventually calls for both water and fire damage restoration. Whether it’s a basement flooding, downed trees, or any other water-related damage, there’s a necessary need for water damage restoration services to prevent further damage, such as the expense and stress of mold remediation and deteriorating wood, carpet, and drywall. Whether it’s your furniture, rugs, or other possessions, the professionals can take care of it all and provide maximum recovery.

The aftermath can be devastating and disruptive, but we can help you get everything restored to normal, quickly, and professionally no matter what the disaster brings. When fire or water complications strike, contact ServiceMaster Restore– Chicago’s best in water and fire disaster restoration, recovery, and cleanup services! Getting your home or business back up and running is our priority. Call this number now to get our low-low price! 773-388-9200 or visit our website

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Soon after the fire is out and ensuring everyone’s safety, the next thing on the chart is dealing with aftermath of the fire damage.

Water and smoke damage influence every room of your residence or working place. In this scenario, one mostly needs is the proper fire damage restoration guidelines from the experienced professionals from the industry. We as the team of experts in the business know how to make the recovery process little easier and simpler.

Follow our professional guide and restore your living or working place before it causes you a greater loss.


Fire Damage Restoration Steps:

In spite of have a decent fire evacuation plan most of the Chicago property owners and managers find themselves in a difficult situation in fixing next upcoming damages. This is the place we come in; with the help of our given guide you can stay on the track with everything from initial clean up to filling your insurance claims.

  1. Contact your Insurance Company:

Begin the fire damage recovery procedure by calling your insurance agency. Give our insurance provider the detailed information about the loss and collect your claim number provided by them. In case you need help with cleaning they will recommend you one of the Chicago Fire Damage Restoration Contractor.

  1. Ensure Safety Of Your Property:

We strongly recommend not to go inside your property before you get all clear confirmation from the first responders. After inspecting thoroughly Chicago Fire Department will determine your property’s structural safety and advise you accordingly. Follow the safety steps given by the fire extinguishing staff before re-entering your house.

  1. Be Alert and Away From The Danger:

For the following few days after the fire break out think twice before you plan to live in your house. The Interior damage to your property and belongings is contaminated with unhealthy soot particles. Additionally, water damage carpet and heat warped floor can cause other health damaging hazards. We suggest to limit your restoration work for few hours a day.

  1. Find Important Documents:



Spot and gather all your important documents and paper records. Don’t assume that water or smoke damaged paper can’t be recouped. Disaster reclamation professionals are well trained and equipped to regularly rescue most of these significant paper records, which includes

  • Marriage and Birth Certificates
  • Your Vehicle Registration Titles
  • Property Deeds
  • Business Paper Records
  • Tax Related Documents etc.
  1. Now Start The Restoration Process:

The restoration team assigned will set up heavy duty equipment in the areas influenced by the water damage, yet it is never too early to begin the drying procedure. In this event, if Chicago’s weather cooperates, open up the windows and allow cross ventilation by running all the fans through the house.

  1. Take Record Of The Water And Fire Damage:

Take pictures of everything influenced by the fire. Record the list of damages that happened in each room. For instance, take close-up snaps of furniture in the living room, appliances in the kitchen and electronic gadgets in your working areas. Save all the snaps in your digital device so that it can be useful for you when sharing them with your insurance agency.

  1. Set Up A Loss Inventory:

Make an inventory of water and fire damage items throughout your home. Create a checklist that incorporates brand names, serial numbers and their original costs. Track down the proof of purchase (Eg: Receipts) through online bank or credit card transactions.

  1. Leave Things In the Place As They Are:

As you work up with the stockpile, leave the seriously damaged furniture and other things where they are. Not all things covered with stains and soot particles are really damaged. Most of the things including furniture and clothing can be redeemed from the fire damage by the experienced restoration agencies.

You additionally need the insurance inspector to see the full degree of water and fire damage through your home. Plan to accompany with the policy inspector during the assessment, and have your documentation and stock list prepared for sharing.

  1. Clean Out The Kitchen:

Try not to take any chances with food and drinks stored in your fridge and kitchen cup-boards. Make sure you follow these significant sanitizing steps after the fire in your property.

  • Clean all dishes and utensils with a bleaching solution.
  • Don’t attempt to save fresh or packed food stored in your refrigerator.
  • Throw out all the stored food and drinks in cupboards and storerooms.
  • Don’t cook food in the kitchen until after it’s properly cleaned and sanitized.


  1. Count On Your Restoration Company:

The certified expert teams that work on the restoration of your house are no doubt the reliable source of support. You can also rely on them for references to other trades in Chicago city, for example they can provide you with plumbing contractors and also authorized electricians.  You can likewise depend on the quality restoration organizations to help with process and record your Insurance claim.

If you are dealing with the aftermath of fire damage, we can help you we have the expertise that can restore your house or business as quickly as possible. The years of experience has made us one of the most successful organisations in helping many Chicago property owners with the aftermath of the fire damage. Our fire damage restoration services cover everything from cleaning smoke and soot damaged interiors to rescuing most of your personal belongings.

How to prevent fire damage in your home?

Prevent Fire Damage

Your house is the place where you build your life and make memories.

This is the major reason why it is hard to even imagine your house ever suffering from a disaster like a fire.

Losing the house to fire is, needless to say, a scary thought, however, there are many things to be done for preventing fire before it begins as well as keeping the family and house safe.

Most of the people know about the basics of preventing fire damage at home, like installing smoke alarms, not leaving the cooking unattended or beware of the burning candles, as well as keeping the fire extinguisher.

Below-mentioned are some major tips on how to prevent fire damage in your house – 

  1. Inspect all the heating sources – Ensure the fact that air filters are thoroughly cleaned out, and in case you are using a space heater, it should be positioned away from anything flammable.
  2. Test the smoke detectors – Appropriately maintain the smoke alarms through testing batteries once a month.
  3. Remove the lint from a dryer filter after every use – The clogged filters as well as lint traps make the dryer less productive, reduce the needed airflow for keeping heat from building up in the vents, as well as force the lint onto heating coils.
  4. Never leave the food unattended while you are cooking as it is one of the topmost causes of the home fires. Burning the food can be the major reason behind smoke damage as well. In case you are not in the kitchen, make sure to turn off the elements as well as be aware while cooking with oils or grease.

Fireproof the house

It is essential to do everything in your power for reducing the risk of having a fire in the home. It involves checking everything from bedrooms, garage, kitchen, living room, chimney and roof.

  • In case you smoke in the garage, ensure the fact that no flammable material is present nearby.
  • Do not smoke in the home at all.
  • In case you are smoking outside, make it a point that there is no flammable debris that might catch fire from the spark.

Keep the oven and stove clean

Not only food particles are the reason behind a house fire. A pot that is not set right on the burner correctly can cause melting of the pot handle if exposed to the stove flames or, if you leave the cookbook or dishtowel near the hot burner that can also catch fire.

Maintain the electrical cords

Check the electrical cord’s condition regularly and watch out for the frayed wires.

Fireplace safety

In case you have the chimney, make sure to get it cleaned frequently. When the chimney is not cleaned, it can start accumulating creosote which is highly flammable as well as can become the reason behind a chimney fire.

Also during winters, you must make it a point that the heating appliances are not located near anything combustible.

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