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The carpet in your house tells the story about your life in it – spilled cola, a dog that could not wait, and muddy feet etc. Yes, stain-removal items and regular vacuuming can help, however, they just cannot match the cleaning power of expert carpet & Steam cleaning. ServiceMaster Restore-QRS can help eliminate evidence of regular living, and the allergens, dirt, as well as odors that are buried deep into the carpet.

One of the major reasons why customers love to use our services is because we are devoted to customer satisfaction. Along with insured and professionally trained technicians, our company also has expert cleaning equipment which makes your satisfaction guaranteed. The carpet & steam cleaning specialists at our company receive thorough training so that they can understand several kinds of stain removal and carpet fibers, as well as operate steam cleaning and carpet cleaning equipment for excellence.

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Trust our efficient process of Carpet & Steam Cleaning 

  • The team will begin by examining the rooms that you wish to be cleaned as well as talk through carpet & steam cleaning procedure with you.
  • Pre-treatment for stains and ground-in soil
  • Shampooing for the high-traffic parts, if required
  • High-temperature steam clean as well as rinse
  • Water extraction
  • Carpet grooming to get a uniform appearance
  • Furniture pads for protecting the carpet while drying

How often one should Steam clean the Carpet?

According to ServiceMaster Restore-QRS, it depends upon the amount of the traffic daily received by the carpet. All the carpets should be cleaned at least once a year. In case your carpet does not get too much footfall, you might go to a maximum of 18 months between the cleanings, however, the quarterly cleaning is suggested for the high traffic areas.

Commercial offices usually have higher traffic areas that require daily maintenance and cleaning. You should make it a point to vacuum daily between cleanings for preventing the accumulation of debris and dirt. In case you reside in the home with smokers, pets, kids, or you come across plenty of foot traffic, we recommend cleaning the carpets 2-4 times annually.

The Necessity of Carpet & Steam Cleaning

When you just bought the carpet, do you remember how attractive and plush it looked? Unfortunately, carpets can quickly wear out as well as a trap a lot of bacteria, dust mites, and dust. Even in case you vacuum the carpet daily as well as it looks clean, it might be harboring contaminants that pollute the air’s quality which you breathe in. So, even the carpet which looks clean might be a lot dirtier than you can imagine. Regarding the same, you require expert cleaning of your carpet for ensuring the fact that your fabric remains intact and undamaged.

Restore the actual beauty of the carpet with expert service by ServiceMaster Restore-QRS. We are qualified and affordable Carpet & steam cleaners. Our company has the best equipment for steam cleaning which quickly vacuums liquid and any other dissolved dirt in carpet fibers. The experts provide you with specialized services for cleaning the carpets to the brilliance that includes carpet & steam cleaning, carpet stain removal, odor removal, and carpet shampooing etc. In a nutshell, you are offered an absolute carpet solution under a single roof.

Hire professional Carpet & Steam cleaning services

Carpets continuously get dirty but their cleaning is usually ignored. This ignorance results in the growth of mold, and stain. Enjoy end-to-end services by the experts of our team who will make the ambiance stunning with spotless and clean carpets. We utilize the best cleaning solutions which help in maintaining the power of threads in the carpets. Our specialists are suggested for stain and mold removal services.

By choosing to opt for our services, you will get to experience the best carpet & steam cleaning services. When you utilize ServiceMaster Restore-QRS carpet & steam cleaning services, you can trust our high-quality cleaning materials and advanced machines which will give the carpets as a thorough and deep wash as possible. The technicians at our company are highly trained in meeting the topmost standards of the carpet cleaning. Be it the cleaning required at your office or home, the carpet cleaners will come to the premises and perform the job.

Clean your carpets now

In case you wish to opt for a reliable and professional carpet cleaning service, reach out to us as soon as you can. At ServiceMaster Restore-QRS, we offer the utmost care for making sure that the job is done without compromising on quality. Our dedication to consumer service makes it a point that you will experience the most suitable carpet cleaning services. Furthermore, we use environmentally safe and non-toxic chemicals in all the cleaning procedures.

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