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Water Damage Restoration in Chicago, IL

We provide water damage restoration in Chicago for all major flooding events including but not limited to: sewer back-up, basement flooding, shower/bathtub leak, sump pump malfunction, broken pipes, etc.

Catastrophic water damage can stem from several different sources. Hard rains might cause your basement to flood; your shower or toilet could leak through the floor and flood the rooms below. A sump pump malfunction or a backed-up sewer can also be the causes of extensive damage. No matter where the problem comes from, you need to find a company that is highly experienced in water damage restoration in Chicago.

At Servicemaster-QRS Cleaning, we take water damage restoration in Chicago seriously, tending to your home or commercial property just as painstakingly as we would treat our own. Our restoration process is multi-faceted. After a thorough initial inspection, we extract all standing water. Then we take away all materials that are permanently damaged and thoroughly sanitize and disinfect the area. We dry the area, remove any refuse and perform a final inspection before leaving to ensure that the job meets our high standards.

Our water damage cleaning process will include:

  • Initial Inspection
  • Water Extraction
  • Remove all affected materials
  • Sanitize and Disinfect affected areas
  • Apply drying equipment
  • Haul away any affected materials
  • Final Inspection

Ongoing difficulties with water can often lead to the presence of mold. Because this fungus poses very real health threats, it must be removed immediately. Some people who are only sensitive to the effects of mold experience wheezing, nasal stuffiness and skin or eye irritation. Others, however, are highly allergic to molds. For them, a moldy environment can bring on severe shortness of breath and fevers. For individuals who already have respiratory difficulties such as COPD, exposure to mold can bring on serious breathing difficulties and even lung infections. Our mold remediation services in Chicago involve taking up affected flooring and drywall, cleaning, containment and drying of the moldy areas and application of an anti-microbial solution to kill fungus and bacteria. The area is then sealed and our mold remediation in Chicago professionals make sure that all nearby spaces are clean. Finally, the air is filtered and purified to ensure that you will not breathe in any remaining mold spores.

Filing an Insurance Claim for Water Damage Cleanup in Chicago?

Water damage is covered under most homeowner’s insurance policies. Our experienced staff work with all major insurance companies to ensure the smoothest transaction possible.  Once a claim is submitted through your agency, we will work hand-in-hand with your assigned adjuster from start to finish. Not sure if you’re covered? Call our office today and we can help.

For water damage cleanup in Chicago, call ServiceMaster QRS now.